New "Realforce for Mac" keyboards 😱

Hey guys, I recently came across a Youtube video of some Japanese dude testing a keyboard I had never seen before: The Realforce for Mac. I found the following link with all the models currently available in Japan:

There appears to be two distinct models, each available in both a Black and a White version. They are all Full-Size layouts (unfortunately).

  • REALFORCE for Mac / R2-JPVM-WH

Anyone here knows Japanese and could maybe share the info about these new boards? In particular, I wonder about the difference between the regular and the “SA” models. Also, what weighting do the domes have? Variable? Non-variable? 45g? 55g?

Needless to say, it is very interesting that Topre is now catering to the needs of Mac users (myself being one). Up until now Topre has only produced Windows keyboards, which have some small compatibility issues when used on a Mac. (e.x. trying to wake up your Mac with a Realforce 87U would deem the keyboard unusable until you unplugged/plugged it back in.)

I know I would love to see a TKL version of the Realforce for Mac with ANSI layout, ideally in non-variable weighting (either 45g or 55g).



Judging by how Google Translate is handling the specs at the bottom of that page, I think the SA has the same actuation force for all keys and the non-SA has variable actuation forces.


Variable load 30g / 45g / 55g


ALL 30g

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30g Non-variable domes fall in the “way too light” camp, unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:

You could always swap the domes out if you can get your hands on one of these.

I don’t like it at all

May I ask why?

30g Non-variable; damn that’s way too light for me, but maybe @norbauer might enjoy domes that light

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i prefer the classic case, and also the old RF

Yeah, me too, but I’m afraid the “classic” Realforce design is not coming back. All of Topre’s new boards follow the new “R2” design.

yay, and i dont like it

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I read Japanese. The SA versions are “silent” versions, which also corresponds to the 30g weight, apparently. While the Non-SA ones have variable weighting. I’m not really up to date on Topre boards, but the APC feature that lets you switch the actuation point on a per-key basis sounds interesting.


These look fantastic. I use PC for my job but my personal computer is a Mac and finding a board that will map to my function keys out of the box has been such a pain. It also makes thinks like flashing customs more trouble than its worth at times.

I use a KVM switch to share my boards between a Mac and PC on a daily basis, but using Karabiner allows me to use the Mac media keys and so forth without trying to remap things.

I am typing this on the SA model. I tried them all last week on Tokyo and instantly fell in love with the 30g uniform one. It reminded me of those lovely 7-Eleven ATM keypads.

Should you have any questions, fire away.

Quick question,

I see in topre marketing material now and again this dampening pad that you’re supposed to put over your plate so your keycaps hit against this pad instead of the plate.

Have you had a chance to try this out yet?

They do provide two of them but I haven’t got around to trying those yet. I guess they might allow for speedier input and reduced noise but so far I like how the keyboard feels out of the box. It’s already very quiet.

Created an account here to let you know I just bought one of these (variable weight version) and it does indeed work perfectly with macOS (10.15), including waking from sleep. There’s even a macOS version of the configuration tool for changing the LED colors and stuff.


Do they already come in US ANSI layout? Last time I checked they were all JIS.

Yes, they are available in ANSI layout. I bought mine from a small vendor through Amazon. Shipping was surprisingly fast—2 weeks faster than estimated.

Just checked the link and there are 12 TKL variants! Nice.