New Realforce R2 RGB TKL vs Novatouch? Norbatouch vs new Norbaforce?

Hi there,

Just learnt about the new Realforce TKL with cherry keycaps compatibility.
I own a Novatouch, which I really enjoy after lubing and putting some hypersphere rings.
Anyone owns both keyboards or at least has tried both?
What are the differences? Feeling? Sound?
Which one did you prefer?

Funnily enough I just ordered a black Norbatouch from Norbauer.
I had been wanting one of those forever and I saw there was some stock today so I went for it.
Then an hour later see him on youtube talking about the new Norbaforce Mark2 and the cherry compatible Realforce RGB :man_facepalming: :joy:

I mean, I still love the novatouch and the case, so I’m sure I’ll be happy either way.
But what do you guys think?
Which one you think is the better board?
I’m mainly curious about sound and feeling, aesthetically I do prefer the Norbaforce.


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Paging @Manofinterests!

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Honest if maybe unrelated/silly question, I have never been very active in forums or communities before.
I asked the same question in geekhack in case there are more topre fans in there…
Is that ok? Is it consider bad etiquette?

Some people will declare a post “cross posted” from a different forum with a link to the other thread, but I don’t think it’s necessary (usually done for IC or when money is to be made). Personally, I think the more communities you post on, the more diverse the answers. Knowledge is power and all that.


Knowledge is power.

Don’t let the possibilities escape you.


hahaha, thanks
lets see, it doesn’t look like a lot of people have tried these two keyboards…

I haven’t tried the new R2 TKL yet (hoping to soon), but the neither the Norbatouch or Norbaforce is a bad decision. I have both a norbatouch and the R1 Norbaforce and honestly they’re superb chasis for your boards and you can’t go wrong either way. For the R2 Norbaforces, I’m actually debating about getting a Realforce RGB for that cherry mx compatibility myself.

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Let us know your thoughts when you do!
I loved your old, very poetic videos about your topre boards :smile:
I’m slowly getting to the inescapable conclusion that the only solution is to own both as well :joy:

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