New Russian Irish ☘ PBT set? 😁

Get it while it’s hot. Careful though, this set has some pretty limited coverage. Also, not sure of the manufacturer. It doesn’t appear to be ePBT.

Edit: It’s epbt indeed. Woder if they’re using the new space bar molds.


Not too shabby honestly. It’s like classic retro x TA Typewriter green x Cyrillic.


It say enjoy PBT

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Ha! It didn’t used to. I left a comment asking who the manufacturer was. Maybe they saw it. ?

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Would probably look good on polycarb, especially TKL.



is just horrendous. I’m gonna have nightmares because of this. thanks.

That’s hilarous. I didn’t even notice. Oopsie

Tempted to snag this just to use the mods with ePBT Royal Alpha