New subreddit, r/mechgroupbuys, is a newly created subreddit to compile all running GBs

Hi everyone,

I created r/mechgroupbuys to compile all running group buys into a subreddit. This subreddit will consist of group buys ranging from keycaps, boards, and switches. The subreddit is only 2 months old and it has grown very fast.

We also have a discord with 1.5k members. In this discord, you can opt in to be pinged when a certain group buy goes live. We also post restocks and other mech related items.

This initiative is based on bringing a sense of organization into the community and to make everyone’s lives a little bit easier when tracking GBs.

We put a lot of time into maintaining the subreddit & discord and would appreciate it if you checked it out!




This is a great idea. Even if you’re pretty active in the community, it’s not hard to miss things.


Would be nice if you would consider adding things like deskmats, tshirts, wrist rests, maybe cables, other things enthusiasts design, buy and take part in.


Yup! We post some miscellaneous items here and there. There was a GB for a keycult wrist rest that we posted. It is now expired and removed. If a vendor does not find their GB item posted onto the subreddit, they could always PM me and I’ll be glad to post it!

So you remove posts for expired buys? Seems like it would be good to keep them around for future reference

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That would make sense but at the same time, I want the front page of the subreddit to be live running GBs only. It would be confusing to some people with expired and live ones in the same mix.

I am currently working on a project that will keep track of live and expired GBs so stay tuned!

Due to how reddit works I think putting an expired tag on a thread is better than removing simply because reddit is time sensitive and threads naturally fall off the homepage, so your most recent groupbuys will already be first.

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Had a lot of people request that so I will start leaving up expired ones from now on. If people prefer it that way, I will add the previous expired ones