New Switch Opener Kits for MX switches

Great Design!The keycap can hold the top of switch!!! If anyone want to try it, just pm~


If it’s made of metal or another ridged material, the supporting columns might want to be turned into retractable leavers, to avoid adding wear and tare to the switch housings, that might damage their ability to clip in, if they get yanked out of the switch opener.

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Hmm… not sure how anything is new about this design, other than the bottom having an opening for a switch to test. I have a $5 opener I printed from shapeways 4 years ago that shares the same design. My TYL aluminum opener also has the same design.

I think they big thing their marketing is the retainer notches.

But they all have that.

Now… if someone were to create a version that had a button on the bottom to release that retainer notch… that would be amazing. I’d buy that in a heartbeat. The 3d printed one here has probably opened around 4 or 5 thousand switches (yeah, that’s why it looks so grungy). Still works well. However, it doesn’t do as well with zeal or boba housings. For that I need the TYL aluminum one that holds on very tight… too tight, actually. I have a hard time removing the switches from those retainer columns. But yeah, if someone were to make a new design with a release mechanism. That would be perfect.


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Ya a hinge or a push button release for the retainers would be the only reason to upgrade if you ask me. A single switch tester spot, seems kind of silly…

Thought they were bringing more to the table, then just the switch tester part.

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