New switches with PBT housings

Looks like KPRepublic has just added a few tactiles (apparently from different companies?) all with PBT housings. Are these the first with this housing material?

Evil Air Y

Everglide Bamboo Green

Mengmoda MMD

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PBT is hard plastic that scratches easily. I wonder how a material housing with characteristics such as this will work out long term. I suspect they will be real similar to poly carb switches, which is also a hard plastic that scratches easily.

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Scratching easily shouldn’t be an issue as long as the stem you put in it isn’t made from a harder material, right?

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The Everglide Moyu Blacks/Dark Jades also have a PBT housing. The Bamboo Greens should be more or less the same housing but (potentially, not entirely sure) with a lighter leaf and a lower-tactility stem.

Guess I gotta try to get my hands on a couple more switches :joy:

EDIT: I believe the Evil AIRY might be mismarked; I bought them in GB a bit ago and they were billed as having a PC top and Nylon bottom. Indeed, the listing on KPR notes this at the very bottom, contradicting what it says above… not sure which is true but I’m guessing it’s the PC-top Nylon-bottom info and not the PBT info.


I have been trying to find info on the Bamboo Greens the last couple days. It has been hard. I was trying to figure out if they are just a lighter spring weight, like 62g Koalas or if they actually have a different stem.

I WANT them to be Everglide Green Jade stems in POM housings with 62g springs, but I have not been able to confirm.

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Found some more info on Bamboo Leaf Greens -

Bamboo Green Switches
Tactile (62g springs)
POM stem
PCB mount (5 pins)
Nylon housing

This kind of leads me to believe it is the same as Moyu Blacks, just lighter spring?

Found this too - [10개] 제이드블랙 / 대나무잎 그린 / 넌클릭스위치 / 홀리판다/ : 렛츠기릿

Some real interesting Korean translation…

These seem a little to similar to Koalas for me to be interested.

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it’s kprepublic. expect these to be unuseable.

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Yeah like I hate to be elitist but it would take a lot to convince me to buy switches from there