New to custom keyboards, need input

I recently decided to make a custom keyboard, and i’ve been conflicted as to what kit/board to get.
I was looking for a 75% or TKL layout, preferably gasket mounted and hotswap
I was looking at the GMMK pro, only downside is its a bit expensive,
the Keychron Q1 and the Keychron K2
If anyone has any input on what to get or suggestions please let me know :slight_smile:


How does the NK87, KBD8X MKII, or even the Monstargear XO v3 or K80 look to you? I’m not too sure on the specific mounting type for each, but all are hotswappable for sure.

Custom = Expensive. Lol.

Those all look like good options, but I was hoping for something more entry level; I was hoping to build something for 300USD or less. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the EverestMax for a couple months and love it.
The core is TKL and it has an optional num pad that that connects to either side of it via Type-C so you can detach it when gaming.
It feels and sounds nice and solid, and has good programmability and macro support, in addition to good RGB customization.

For tkl, I would recommend nk87 entry edition and freebird tkl