New to keyboards and keebtalk :)

Hello, some of the formats some other keyboard forums are using weren’t my style so I decided to join keebatlk! Not to knock em’, the others just look a bit archaic to me haha. Recently had a real custom build done for me through the mech market a few weeks back to dip my toes in the water to see if I want to keep going down this rabbit hole… and the verdict is probably im 5 feet deep anyways seeing how much I already spent anyways. In retrospect, I probably could’ve played it a bit smarter but so far I’m not feeling an ounce of buyer’s remorse :slight_smile: But I hope I can learn a lot more from this community about this very niche hobby <3


Welcome! I’ve been in the hobby approaching five years now and this is by far my favorite place to talk about it with people. Glad to have you here!

Just curious - what custom did you go for from r/MM? Any particular shapes or layouts you find interesting?

I agree. I really like the culture and the format here. Welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome to KT Rinzzzz! Yeah Geekhack is definitely archaic, not so bad it’s unusable, but definitely a pain when trying to search for something or doing anything beyond watching the spy page LOL! So what board with what switches did you end up getting? It sounds like you are enjoying it which is great to hear! Anyways you’re in the right place to learn more about all aspects of the hobby. While we are a smaller community here at KT, that actually facilitates more focused & friendly discussions IME. Also there is a a lot of veterans & even some pillars of the community here so any questions you ever have feel free to ask! :+1:

I ended up getting a KBD8x MKii wkl with alpacas! I’ve always loved tkls and this was the one i saw being sold the most at the time on mm. I would love to get a 65 eventually but the ones that really catch my eye seem hard to get hands on (Kyuu, Space65, think 6.5) either that or i have bad timing :confused:
I would love to build an Alice too one of these days, something about the PC versions of alice’s i see just really calls out to me, the only thing I guess i was worried about was keycap set compatibility? Probably need to study up on that a bit more.

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I ended up getting the Kbd8x mkii!
Brass plate and brass back weight
Alpaca 62g linears lubed with Krytox 205g0 and filmed with tx pink films
Durock stabilizers lubed

I also think smaller communities are better! easier to get to know everyone (well maybe not everyone) and focus on smaller topics and learn more from community members :slight_smile: I will definitely ask because, up until now I think the thing that was putting me off was the idea of soldering. Looks kinda scary tbh and I had never even seen a soldering iron until I saw Iron Man when I was a kid and even then I had no idea what it was haha. Because of that I always had been looking at hot-swap boards, but there seems to be more options when you know how to solder, so I’m trying to do my homework there.


Welcome! Congrats on your first board. I got a KBD75 myself recently. You should enjoy the community here. I’m fairly new still and many have been super helpful and responsive.