New to mechanical key boards and making my first custom

Hello, I am very new to mechanical keyboards and I am planning on making my first custom keyboard. I want it to be a 75% layout but I have had trouble finding many options. This is what I have decided on so far:
IDOBAO ID80 PCBA Hot-swappable Kailh hot-swappable sockets
IDOBAO ID80 Alumin CNC Case Anodo all colo
Seal Switches
I would like to know if anyone has any more good budget options for a case because that is the main thing that is driving up the price right now and I would like to keep this relatively budget. I would prefer aluminum or polycarbonate cases and I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions. Also, I would appreciate any suggestions on what stabilizers to get.

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This thread may help you! Another person recently asked the same thing :smile:


Thank you

I think the idobao80 seems like a great option. Although I am intrigued by that PLA75 mentioned in the other thread. Seems cool too. It is a plastic case, but you get gasket mounting so that is pretty neat!

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