New Topre Themed Deskmats!

Hi all, its been a while since we shared new products with you. Rest assured we have been working hard in the background to get out some brand new designs and improving our overall website experience.

Today we wanted to share a new lineup of Topre themed mats that we just recently finished and are now available. All of these mats are 36" x 18" and are made from a smooth yet controlled material. For more information on these mats, and others, check out our product pages linked below.

The first is our “Cup Rubber” mat which comes in two different colors and can be found here:

We also have a more artistic design called our “Electro Thock” mat which can be found here:


TFW you don’t have to include any qualifications for or feel sheepish about using the word “thock” because you’re talking about Topre :+1:

Love the mat designs! I gotta ask - how old is that finely-aged HHKB, there?

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Thanks, the beige HHKB is an early Pro 1 from 2003, so its more than 20 years old at this point.


Great Thock and good luck.