New Vendor - - KBD Fans Stab Foams, T1s, Deskey Films & More Available NOW

Hey KeebFam!!

TLDR: new Keeb parts store with a mission ( 5% of net profits are donated to black girls code and various other non profits) - Check the inventory list below and go to :slight_smile:

Davis Here! I am in the midst of my “soft-opening” of a New Custom Mechanical Keyboard Parts store specializing in Stabilizers. Switches. & Lube. There is a greater mission to the store which you can read more about HERE.

We have been in “soft opening” for about 3 weeks now, so aside from not having all the stock I’d like we ROLLIN!!

My goal is to provide quick shipping ( I ship everyday excluding sunday) and the best customer service you’ve ever seen.

So let’s get to Business - INVENTORY! - At this point you should already be at :wink:

In Stock:

  • Kebo Switch Films - low stock
  • Cherry MX Gold Springs
  • KBD Fans Stab Foam - low stock ( I just got these in and they went fast, I have more on the way)
  • Smoke Grey Stabilizers - available as a 60% set, 2U & Spacebars sepeeratly
  • Deskeys Gasket Films
  • T1’s


  • Gateron Black Inks
  • Krytox 205G0
  • KBD Fans Stab Foam
  • Krytox 105 Oil
  • 60% Carbon Fiber Plates

This is a day job financed business so inventory growth will be slow and steady. I’m here for the community tho and I have a special affinity for Switch modders - there is even a whole section on the site.

Follow 3DKeebs on Instagram - this is where the real Time updates occur - feel free to DM me directly with any questions
There is a Discord - but it is under construction at the moment - you can reach me Directly: davisthegreat#8096

Please leave any feedback, make a purchase, let me know what other switches and custom keeb building parts you would like to see.


Cool! Always happy to see another place to get keeb goodies.

Fancy foam

Ha, that’s fun. The stuff reminds me an awful lot of a thicker heat-transfer vinyl - but hey whatever it is, it works great with my Halo housings.

yes deskey films are the greatest imoand yes its certainly fancy foam lol