New year, new keeb resolutions

I do it too sort of that way. I started learning to touch type with one hand because I knew it would be fun but there’s also the potential to bridge to other things like ambidexterity and bolstering learning

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Finish lubing the new set of old stock T1s I have (yes, I have a LOT of these), and then touch up some older Durock Shrimps that I have with 203g2. My workplace is pretty chill and I can buy stuff from McMaster-Carr free usually, so I got 2oz of 203g2 which is kinda close in feel to a thicker batch of 3204 that I have. The oil in that thicker batch of 3204 separates from the binder really easily so I want to touch up all the Shrimps that I have.

If I find a new job this year then I want to get an 1800 keyboard of some sort for myself, the Brutal V2 1800 is such a classic but I’ll probably end up getting a QK100 or one of those other “budget” 1800s. I’ve found myself really liking top mount with FR4, Alu and POM so a QK100 with all the different mounts seems pretty neat. Things I’m thinking of with that QK100 would be:

  • Top mount aluminum with Ergo Clears
  • Gasket mount FR4 with Durock Shrimps and PCB foam
  • Gasket mount CF with JWICK T1s

I got some 70g TX XL springs in for spacebars and that concludes the last of the spring experimentation for myself, 60g TX XL 18mm is basically my ideal spring for all switches, and then the 70g one goes into all spacebars.


I dream too make a video about modding a cheap hotswap keyboard. exceptions are I can’t change the switches, keycaps, and stabilizers, just pure modding such as tape mod, polyfill, stab lubing and tuning, switch lubing, etc.

Though I also plan to build my first PC, it’s going to be my first ever time to build one, since I have a laptop currently. Oh and I might also build a mini work PC for my mother.


This year I’d like to set up a space to record, set a few formats for videos, and start working through my collection. I’m pretty busy these days, though - so I’ll settle for reviewing a couple more interesting switches if it comes down to it. :smile:


I am hoping for a revival of all things retro. I hope this goes beyond just keyboards and gaming hardware. I would LOVE for apple to roll out some old school inspired tech like a budget iPhone reminiscent of the old 5C made with plastic and vibrant colours. I want this second half of the decade to be full of maximalist design trends!


I just got a vasectomy this morning so I’m gonna hound dog it up as much as I possibly can!

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Ditching keyboards for bikes.

This iPhone keyboard case might be right up your alley, in that case. Did someone say palm Treo?


In 2024, I would like to learn to solder, and I’m hoping to organize my single switch collection in switch holders! Most are in bags, and I’m relying on memory and my cataloged description to tell them apart… :grimacing:


Adding onto this post from earlier:

I want to find a classic prebuilt keyboard like the Filcos or Leopolds and mod the everloving heck out of it with all the old school mods from the early 2010s. Ideally something like Cherry Clears or Browns, desoldered, lubed and spring swapped.

I think there’s still a certain charm to that style of keyboard when well executed, and I think it’d be a fun project to do if I could get all the materials on the cheap.