New year, new keeb resolutions

…Or at least retail aspirations.

What do you hope for, dream about, or aspire to buy or build in the upcoming year?

I want to build a 65xt, get an obscure Apple prototype keyboard, and replace my knockoff aeron-like chair with a real, big-boy Aeron chair.

  • I want to continue learning CAD and design my own 60% HHKB keyboard and get it manufactured for myself and maybe do some other designs along the way. Always wanted to design a case that converts something like the Magicforce68 or the BM65 with that weird clip-together plastic case into a gasket/isolation mount alu keyboard. I’m too braindead to run a GB, but i’d open source all of them.
  • Finally sell some boards like my NK65 oblivion and KBD67 lite r2. I bought them and only ever used them once because i was so disappointed by both of them.
  • Maybe create my own little Blog or Website where i can document the vintage and the weird/obscure things from my collections. My grammar is terrible, but that’s what AI is there for, am i right?

I almost forgot, I want to 3D print all the things, and all the keyboard things I can.


Good topic! While 2023 was a damn good year for me with keebs there is definitely a lot of stuff I still want to do & try in the hobby this upcoming year.

  • I really want to get a vintage board with SKCM blues in it. I’d love to find an Leading Edge DC-3014 for a decent price.
  • Get a custom 1800 or full size board.
  • Start to learn CAD so I can design my own board. Like @ventamora I wouldn’t be looking to make it for a GB or anything like that. I really would just be making it for myself as a passion project.
  • Start documenting & reviewing the keyboards, keycaps, switches, etc. I’ve got in some way that the info is easily accessible to the community.
  • Get some more obscure vintage boards using switches other than MX or ALPS.
  • Start learning how to cast resin blanks. I know I’m not artistic enough to do crazy sculpts, but I have a quite a few ideas for crazy colored blanks.

There is a bunch of other stuff I could put on here, but those would be the things I’d like to accomplish the most this year. Look forward to seeing what everyone else is looking to do in the hobby this upcoming year!


Last year, I resolved to make only two keyboard purchases for the entire year.

I’d busted out of that by February.

So this year, I will resume doing what I usually do and not make any resolutions and just ride the wave.


Building all the stuff I bought this year. My elderly parents, my aunt and myself have had serious health issues this year. This has kept me from building, but not from acquiring.


I still need to build my Hex 6C and GOCF Heavy Grail. I have a bunch of other keeb chores to do but I’ll just say “no more unbuilt boards” for my goal in 2024 :sweat_smile:


Try new tactile/clicky cherry switches. I want some gazzew phoenix and some interesting tactiles. An alps board would be cool too. I had a aek ii once but never had a bus connector or whatever it is called. They were too much money to afford when I had the board. Maybe nmb. Kinda want to build a 60% I have with alps too. I have an skcc cream board but it’s not my favorite switch. There’s also wanting to build some older custom tkl like lin whale, jane, lz or something. Few projects too and just watch out for cool new stuff.

  • Accept that there is no switch I love like I love box navies.
  • Figure out what to do with my modded gamer boards that I am fond of but am unlikely to use.
  • Figure out which weird layout I will build into a cheap handwire next.

I’d like to build all my MechWild boards.


I’m focusing on your off-topic, but I also have Staples’ version of the Aeron (WorkPro Quantum 9000). Originally bought one in like 2007 and it was great, but bought the new version about two years ago and feel like build quality and durability went down quite a bit with the new version. I’d love to replace it with the Mirra 2, but that price is so steep…

In terms of keyboards, I really want to focus on actually trying out all of the components I’ve bought and haven’t put to use yet. So many unused switches and keycaps just went immediately into storage after they arrived.

My other resolution sounds absurd considering I’m three years into the hobby, but I’d like to actually fix a few sets of switches I’ve bought that just need work instead of just chucking non-perfect factory switches immediately into storage and moving onto the next shiny object. Removing/reapplying lube, spring swaps, films, etc. Really just basic stuff I’ve ignored in favor of switches that arrive ready to use from the factory.


Lately I’ve been hellbent on trying to the right switches for my PP plated Derivative… so much so that I finally bought a Hakko FR-301 haha. And honestly, it’s encouraged me to get deeper into the hobby again. Soldering is easy, the desoldering is what had me longing for hotswap/millmax everything… but not anymore, I think. Desoldering is actually fun now? haha

So my biggest goal: Find the best switch for me. There are so many out there these days it can be overwhelming.


2023 has been great for me, being able to get most of the boards I wanted at a fair price from the aftermarket. I’m satisfied and in love with all the boards I own and built this year.

  • I need to rebuild one of my boards that were built 2 years ago. The stabs and switches were so bad that I haven’t felt like typing on them ever since.
  • While I don’t think this will ever happen, I do hope for more Topre keycaps with flexible kitting.
  • I am honestly kinda tired with the MX market, so I would like to see good alternative Alps switches and more Alps keycaps too. If more Alps becomes a thing, I will gladly do another build config for my Lin Montage!
  • My chair could also get an replacement eventually… my arm rest is peeling and slowly getting destroyed from the pressure of my elbow when gaming. Yikes…
  • Cone feet deserves a return and I hope somebody makes them and keep the design simple. I liked how they look when I started getting into the hobby, I don’t know why but they’re nice and underrated.

This year after I build my Sonnet I want to “deep dive” into linear switches to create the perfect frankenswitch for my taste. I’ve only really used a few linears and that was before I really started to get into the hobby, so It’ll be fun to try something new.


1. I’d love to reach an average of 80 wpm with Dvorak in English this year, 75wmp in French (The latter is a bit slower because of accents and such).

2023 was a good year for comfort and efficiency, I’ve enjoyed getting used to Dvorak on a column-stagger board with layers that I’ve had a lot of fun customizing to death (ZMK). But now that the comfort and efficiency boxes are checked, it’s time to work on accuracy and speed. The transition has been slow because I continue to type with QWERTY in parallel.

2. I’d love to upgrade my Microdox’s PCB to a newer version that supports rotary encoders…

…but guys, I apparently can’t solder diodes, sockets, and standoffs to save my life. Have ruined one PCB trying, can’t get another to work no matter what I try. Not sure if I’ll work up the courage to try again in 2024!


No keyboard-related plans for 2024.

Going to just wing it as before.


Been admiring the Corsa (for the screen mostly) for a while but I’m pretty much set with keyboards I think. I’ve also been planning to make a wrist-rest for the Sagittarius somehow so I’m gonna tinker with TinkerCAD a bit and see if I can maybe 3D Print a wrist-rest and incorporate some screens from Adafruit or something in it.


I agree with cone. Can be cool just like stuff such as older Mx oem is popping back up after forever recently


Good going. I wouldn’t mind trying workman or something. When I tried Dvorak I was at 7 wpm and gave up lol….

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I hear ya. It took me several attempts over several years. And I tell people that it’s probably not worth the transition cost; I do it because I just find the challenge kinda fun ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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