New Zealios V2 Review!

On his recent guest appearance on Top Clack, Zeal said something to the effect he’d consider doing a future run of V1’s if there was demand, but nothing definite.

Kbdfans still has V1’s in stock, I picked some up incase I want more the future, as I really do like them myself. I would assume using the V2 stem would change the character of zealiostotles, but would be an interesting experiment to see what that’s like

Great video! Thanks for taking the time to make it.

Just got shipping notification for Zealios V2 62g. Question is which lube to use:

What I have are:

  1. TriboSys 3204
  2. TriboSys 3203
  3. GPL 106

3204 is usually my go to lube for tactile but I’ve had good results with 106 on Zealios switches.

not the answer to your question, but may I know when did you make your preorder? Trying to figure out when to expect mine

It was on October 10th, right after watching Top Clack video titled “Zeals are Real”.

Having used all of those, I have been using more 3203 for tactile switches.


Zeal mentioned that he received 62g, 65g, and 78g. The rest haven’t made it to the shop.

My Zealios V2 62g arrived. That was fast. Zealios V2 switch feels very similar to Holy Panda but feels like starting from the middle of the up slope part of the bump so up slope is felt only briefly before down slope begins. Bump itself is not as long but pleasing, like a ski lift dropping you just behind the hill but momentum pushes you over the top and you start skiing downhill.

It was pretty good unlubed. Tried both GPL 106 and TriboSys 3204.

  • GPL 106 - felt more wiggle than bump. smoother, less downstroke tactility but more upstroke tactility (I know, weird)
  • TriboSys 3204 - felt more bump than wiggle.

Of the two, my preference is TriboSys 3204. Going to try TriboSys 3203 tonight.

UPDATE: I did try Zealios V2 stem in Invyr Panda housing and it felt really good. I think we’ll see some Zanda V2 fans.

UPDATE: TriboSys 3203 felt somewhere between 3204 and unlubed. Zealious V2 stem felt oddly good in Outemu Sky housing and less scratchy surprisingly. Halo stem in Zealios V2 housing was pretty good too. Good all around switch for modding. After experimenting with lube and various spring weights, decided to go with TriboSys 3204 and stock 62g spring.


Complete feel of the switch didn’t come out until I built a full board. It’s so good that I may not lube it after all. And it’s feel is quite distinct from Holy Panda in use.

What Zealios V2 feel reminds me of is squeezing a bean out of steamed Edamame Soy Beans, a frequent side-dish at sushi restaurants.

Can’t think of an English expression to describe the feel but Korean version is: 미끄덩.


Your review cracked me, I just went in on a batch of 80 - 78g V2s LOL! I figured better do it now before the GB prices are gone till next rd.

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FYI, I think V2 Zealios is less sensitive to spring weight difference than V1. Feel didn’t change much when I switched springs. V2 definitely pings more so I’ll be lubing the springs at least.