New Zealios V2 Review!



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Nice video; thank you for sharing! When will these switches be available to the public, and where can I get them?

Thanks a bunch.

Really good video! Your content is always very excellent.

One quick piece of advice, which I encourage all content producers to follow - declare any sponsors or potential conflicts of interest right at the top. You did confirm it at the end, but it is better to know up front so that we can understand your review in that context.



Estimated to ship sometime in December

Great review as usual! I’m glad to hear that the bump has a roundness to it on these Zealios V2, but I’m gonna be on the fence until I get to try them myself. Messing around with Halo stems in different housings & BOX Royals have taught me that a tactile switch can be to sharp & too tactile for my liking. Although the Halo stems have quickly become my favorite feel, I have them in V1 Zealios housings (very satisfying, nice rounded bump that is very apparent but doesn’t overwhelm) & Outemu Sky housings (still have to put them in a board to give an opinion, although they feel close to the halo stems/V1 Zealio housing loose). So I’d say you’re most likely right Zealio V2 will not replace Holy Pandas & other Holy variants, but will agree that it is nice to have another high tactility option. As long as they don’t have that harsh, sharp tactility that BOX Royals do I can see myself liking the new Zealios a lot. :metal:

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@TaehaTypes - I may have missed it in the video, but what weight zealios did you test? In other words, does this review apply to all 4 of the weights available for pre-order (62, 65, 67, and 78g)? Also, if you did get to test all the weights, were there any difference between the weightings of this new version of the switch?

Thanks a bunch. I hope you are having a great day.

Loved the review and loved the intro :smiley:. Definitely getting some V2 for myself now :smiley:

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Do the V2’s “feel heavier” when compared to the same weighting of the V1? My favorite V1 weighting is 78g but I’m worried I may find V2’s more fatiguing because of the increased tactility

Yea didn’t think much of the ordering, but I have gotten many of those responses today and I do agree! Will make sure to preface the sponsorship instead of putting them at the end for future videos

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I have only tested so far with 67g Zealios. Sorry I should have clarified that in the video!

In a sense yes, since you are starting at the top of the bump and need to overcome it.

Good. I ordered 62g Zealios v2 because I suspected it could actually feel as heavy as 65g v1 or heavier while in use.

Can’t wait to get mine! I joined the Massdrop group buy before Zeal announced their own pre-order on their website, so I ended up spending a little more than it would’ve been :stuck_out_tongue:

Did the cashier look at you funny for filming eggplants? :laughing:

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LOL she just asked me if I was going to make stir fry and I smiled and said “Sure thing!” LOL


Looks intriguing. My only problem with the box royals was that they were too heavy for me. Otherwise I think they were great. Anyway, great to hear that these switches sound better and feel better than v1.

Do you think that zeal will lower the bump a little so that there’s a little travel time before the bump?

for the production run? no he already received a batch of production switches in his office and the bump still feels way up top and apparently with additional tweaks to make them even less wobbly (not that they were in the first place). loving the new 78gs <3

Not sure why specifically, but I feel like this is the best video you’ve made so far - from the intro to the content, the way it was shot/framed, the editing, along with the subtle/nice infographics, and the test at the end. Felt like a very balanced complete video where I got everything I was looking for.

Will Zealio v1 remain in production? I was hoping to make some Zealiostotles, but haven’t acquired the Zealios yet. Or would Zealios v2 work just as fine for making them?