Newbie but interested in the custom world!


Names Krusspie, been following and watching twitch and youtube vidoes on custom keyboards and finding it really interesting and really wanting to get into it, works well that my keyboard is actually due to an upgrade so perfect timing?.

Needing help and opinons on KBDFANS TOFU 65% keyboard Hot swapped version name below is the one i am thinking of getting, wanting to know if any have had any experience and opinions of them and how are they liking them after long time of use?

what switches and plates would you recommend if what im after is heavy thock? sounds? hahaha

please help this newb!!! thank you everyone!



Welcome. Hyperglides (Cherry black) or Gateron CAP v2 Gold Yellow switch with Tape Mod will give you plenty of deep thock regardless of the plate.


I only used a Tofu65 for a few minutes as I built one for a friend, but I liked it quite a bit. VIA comparability is really nice for programming the keyboard quickly and easily. I used to recommend the Tada68 for people wanting a 65% keyboard but I think the tofu has taken it’s place. And not only because I don’t think the Tada is available anymore. :yum:



Aside from the other good recommendations, using a plate made of plastic will enhance deep thocks; polycarbonate and POM are both good options (though I’ve found the former easier to work with when building).


Right I was researching different plates and their differences and ngl their are all quite similar and was getting abit stuck on it haha THANK YOU!

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Thank you! :smiley: Ill def look into it and check it out on youtube or something of how it sounds! :smiley:

Yea, people has been recommending on kdbfans website to start off as a beginner and with the layout i like being 65%, felt like it would be best to step into the tofu and honestly just wanting to know their quality and feel over it compare to other brands, to start off but am researching alot! Thank you!!!

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Shame the KBD67 Lite is sold out, I’d actually recommend that over the Tofu65. Because the Lite is cheaper & will give a much softer, even a little flexy typing experience since it’s a gasket mount board. The Tofu65 is a old fashioned tray mount board. Which will make for a fairly stiff typing experience even when using softer plates like PC or POM ones. Although a soft, flexy typing experience is what I prefer, you could have different tastes once you get to try both soft/flexy & stiff boards.

Overall the Tofu65 is a solid starting board with good quality for it’s pricing. So don’t think I’m trying to dissuade you from getting one. Just giving you some food for thought. Anyways whatever you decide be sure to post some pics & your thoughts about the build once you get everything & get it built. Also feel free to ask for advice here if you need any during the build. Good luck & hope to see you with a sweet custom KB soon! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: