Nice & Fancy parts/tools trays?

I mainly use some pottery rice bowls we got for our wedding and never really used. I am still working on figuring out my preferences so I need my money to buy more switches. No cash for fancy trays at this point :slight_smile:

Is this the part where I slightly shill my own stuff to say I make compartmented parts dishes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Certainly not on the fancy end of things, but I wanted customization and being affordable first; plus they stack with magnets to be lids for one another.

Of note is those compartmented rectangle trays up above wouldn’t be too hard to come up with, including layout options, if people like that style.


Keycult was selling a small parts tray a month ago. They say they plan to restock sometimes early April, so I would look into that.

Beautiful tray to put on your desk for $40.


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That looks like a watchmaker’s part box, but WAY fancier.

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Thanks for the tip these are in stock, I picked one up this morning.

Hex/2 Small Parts Tray


ooh thanks for the reminder, also picked one up! that shipping sucks for me though :stuck_out_tongue: $16 for priority!

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Did you get more than 1? Shipping was $10.70 for me. I would think usps priority flat rate small box for CONUS

Nope just one, maybe there are different priority zones based off original shipping location :person_shrugging:

My American Haptics order just showed up today, with the larger clear assembly tray (food-safe silicone, so I can solder AND serve charcuterie from it), the smaller lavender parts tray, and the Ukraine-themed “Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossack” desk mat. Cool company.


You know I always thought American Haptics mats were a bit ridiculous due to their prices… I still think that but maybe it’s now being colored in a “ridiculous but cool” way. That’s a nifty mat size!

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Have only ever used a cutting mat in the past, but I picked one of these up and I’m stoked to use it for my next build. Graffiti logo + the pop of color with the orange looks pretty dope!


that’s pretty nice for the price. Would be nice if a US vendor would stock some :slight_smile:

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Came in today!

Over all it is nice heavy feel expensive. Taller than I was expecting. May add some grippy feet


Woo I also got mail!



Please tell me where you got the two on the left. I especially like the lower left one, but who can resist Bongo Cat?

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Bongo Cat:

The other left one with an annoying long URL


The bottom left one is compatible with your keyboard parts even though it is made for RC cars?

That is a really reasonable price. I might have to pick one up to replace the pottery bowl I snuck from our kitchen.

So I don’t know about yours, but the magnet they supplied with my Bongo Cat Tray is disk shaped, but only magnetic along the edge. Not either of the faces. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a magnet with this kind of polarity before. It’s kind of weird.

Saw this today and thought of this thread.