Nice & Fancy parts/tools trays?

Hi All,

I know it’s pretty standard/typical to use magnetic parts trays such as

or the rectangular ones.

I was wondering if anyone likes to use any nice “fancy pants” part trays. For example the LNY part tray

If anyone has any nice and fancy parts trays they’d recommend, I’m in the market :slight_smile:



I like to just use a standard parts tray since I’m a little more utilitarian when it comes to these things.

I’d be too afraid to scratch up a fancy one, but they look really cool as a decoration piece.

I actually kinda want to have a fancy one that eventually gets scratched up and “battleworn” lol

I still mainly use my normal standard magnetic parts bowls, but I personally find a lot of enjoyment in seeing good tools be very well used through time and hoping that also translates to a nice parts tray

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Can’t recommend anything b/c I use a wooden bowl, lol. But this one is in development if someone is into the Mekanisk aesthetic:


This one would have been perfect for me if it had come with the magnetic inserts it was supposed to have. They still list it as a “Magnetic Tray Holder” despite this omission.


Oooh not bad. I might just superglue small magnets in the corner of certain tray sections

Maybe I’ll need to custom cut some fancy stickers to cover up these silly machining marks lol

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I bought some self-adhesive magnetic strips and cut them to fit. That arguable looks worse now, so I kind of missed the mark considering I was looking for exactly what you’re looking for. Heck, the magnetic strip I bought ended up costing more than the tray itself.

Go Jackson Pollock on it! That’s always my last resort for a unique looking thing that I messed up on lol

Not a bad idea. I do like your idea of gluing some magnets in the corners though. That actually would work great I think.

I use similar inexpensive bowls (and silicone bowls when there are many parts). Haven’t pulled the trigger on something more expensive yet… Been eying the KBDFans trays in blue and yellow. They are non magnetic at DiviniKey so they are $20 with reasonable shipping to US. I really really really wish these were magnetic.

This look cool also:

Rama if you want to spend $50 ea plus shipping

I am considering going with a magnetic pin or paper clip tray from Etsy out of wood or concrete. That way I can have it engraved or at least stained to my liking.

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Good call on concrete, will look some up on etsy!

Too bad the bongo cat trays are out of most colors :frowning:

I typically use the lid of my screwdriver kit for screws or bowls from my kitchen for disassembling switches.

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See for me, I want individual sections so that I can arrange the fasteners in patterns I’ll remember. Or group them as appropriate. So while a lot of the “fancy” trays are cool looking there’s really only one spot for things.

I actually have this same problem with the magnetic trays I use when out in the garage. I need some compartments!

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That’s actually why I use the screwdriver lid, iFixit puts a nice little grid into the underside of their lid which makes separating different screws or other small parts really easy.


Well I’ll be. All this time and I just ignored using the lid that way. Imma need a moment.


So far, I’ve used salsa and rice bowls for bigger parts, and ramekins for screws and other little bits.

Some of those fancy trays have tempted me, though - I like the idea of a heavy one that’s magnetic - or maybe made of a nice stone like marble or jade.

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I usually end up doing the same :rofl:


I just started doing exactly this with my ifixit tray and it works great.

I have an HB60 and it uses long screws on the back, medium screws on the sides, and short screws on the front. I kept grabbing the wrong screws. Not with the ifixit grid I just put each screw in a separate square and it is great.

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