NK65 Entry Beige - Have you ever developed an appreciate for a board you didn't good initial impression?

So I received my NK65 Entry Beige board last week, and prior to that I was having my Tofu65, KBD67 and ID80, which the first 2 sounded really good to me. ID80 was decent enough…

Initially, when I loaded some switches into the NK65 entry, I was really disappointed because it sounded quite plasticky and had that a little hollowness to it. And it’s my first time having a white-ish coloured board, which I wasn’t really accustomed to because I always have a liking to black boards but wanted to give white colour a try.

Long story short, as the days passed, I am starting to like the NK65 entry…I am appreciating the Beige colour, kinda used to the loud sound - I made it even louder with some T1 switches. But overall super interesting that I kinda like this board now, and the price is really good. :stuck_out_tongue:

So… the lesson learnt is that, sometimes it takes awhile to develop an appreciation for things…and it just takes time!

Have you ever experienced this before? Share some of your thoughts here!


My first Topre board. Was really disappointed the first day. Thought about selling it. I have 7 topre boards now :slight_smile:


why so many! do you have hhkb, leopold and realforce boards? :smiley:

Ooops, I actually have 8.

Realforce, Realforce R2, FC660c x 3, Novatouch x 2, FC980c

They’re all a bit different. 35g, 45g, 55g, some are stock, some stock silenced, some have hyperspheres, some have deskeys rings, some are for MX caps. I blame @norbauer for the most part. He makes lovely cases for Topre boards.

HHKB is my next purchase when the holy grail group buy starts.