NK65 individual LED color per key possible?

just got an NK65 V2 alu.
is it possible to set individual LED colors per key?
couldn’t find any options to do so in VIA.
A key is backlit red
B key is backlit orange
C key is backlit yellow


You can do this in QMK - https://beta.docs.qmk.fm/using-qmk/hardware-features/lighting/feature_rgblight

You can create your own custom RGB “mode”. Seems cool but not something I have ever messed with. I did not have a design that I desired enough to want to learn.


i’m willing to hire someone to program it for me.
is this something you’d be interested in?
or know anyone that would be?

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That is not something I would want to spend my time on. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a QMK discord. Honestly I would give it a shot yourself. It looks intimidating, but essentially all it is, is creating a matrix and assigning a color to each key.

You might even be able to scrub QMK for other people’s “modes” and kind of piggy back off of their existing code.

I would be happy to help you, but I don’t think I want to commit to the time of doing it for you. :smiley:


This section of the doc. is basically an example of what you are trying to accomplish.

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I too received the same board few days ago, and was looking to achieve the same rgb customisation.
I may be new to qmk and firmware customisation but I am proficient in C programming.
Will look into the issue as a fun side project as I find VIA customization options quite restrictive.


please let me know if you figure it out. thanks!

apparently i was mentioned in this now I am dying to know what it was

saw that you liked, was just wondering if you’re also in the same boat.

as i have little knowledge of programming, i’ve been asking QMK-savvy users to explore the feasibility of this. someone has been able to get the custom lighting to show up on reboot, but goes away after a second. might have something to do with the preset lighting effects overriding it.

i have a working template, but i haven’t unlocked link posting capabilities on keebtalk :sweat_smile:
search my username on github
lines 2165-2620
enjoy the rgb glory!

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Just trying to help out. Nice looking stuff @yurufj

This seems to be a dead thread but did you have any success with this? I’ve been attempting to implement an rgb matrix on an nk65 but I’ve haven’t been successful.

can u help me find the current version of this link?