NK65 looks like a good deal

Stylish, simple 65% kit for a really good price, including switches. Seems like a no-brainer for someone needing a 65% board:



Looks nice! I’m assuming it doesn’t come with GMK Olivia. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wish keyboards had case weights listed as standard.

Seems like only a quarter of releases reveal weights in their descriptions, and tbh, I would say weight is a big purchasing factor for many people.


Good point. Let’s see if @mgsickler can give us an answer or update the product page.

Sorry, I’ve been around awhile but could never figure out… What is “south facing”?

Surely it means south facing leds. LEDs on the bottom of the switch.

Is this tray mount?

No, it’s some sort of top mount from some earlier pictures which I cannot find right now

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I joined the GB. Irresistible considering it comes with PCB and plate.

I can’t believe Nathan Kim is going to build each and every unit live on his stream. Incredible.


Doesn’t south facing switches mean north facing LEDs?

Yes, but surely he’s misspoken there. Yiancar designed the HS60 as well and the switches are in the proper orientation. Surely…


It really is a great deal for the price from what I know of the board. If I wasn’t split backspace dependant I’d be grabbing one, but anymore I just can’t type on boards with a full backspace. The backspace in the pipe key position feels so much more natural to me. Hopefully there’ll be a premium version with a regular solder on PCB down the road!

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Same here except I don’t have much trouble adjusting to minor variations in layout like the way I sometimes have to use MBP keyboard.

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Looks like a good deal indeed, but I’m not a fan of hot swap boards. Hopefully there will be a solderable pcb later on.

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Usually I don’t have too much trouble adjusting myself TBH. I frequently switch between 65% staggered & 40% ortho boards depending on what I’m doing. Although with staggered boards, ever since I started using split backspace a board with a full one really trips me up, it’s kinda weird how used to it I got so quick. I’m at the point where I have either physically changed or programmed the ones I can’t physically change all my boards to use the pipe key space as backspace.

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The only thing that keeps me on the fence between buying this and getting an HHKB is the typing angle. It’s very much something that I can understand people going after, but from what i’ve used, it’s not my style.

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Interesting point. I think what I’ll do is map both keys to Backspace and use two side keys for backslash and grave accent (back apostrophe). Where backspace is used without much thought, later two keys are a sort of gypsy keys when it comes to keymaps so this should work. Two Backspace keys is better than frequently typos.

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2.75 pounds he said on Reddit


2.75 pounds he said on Reddit

That’s pretty decent. About a pound more than Tofu although plate and PCB likely makes up much of that extra pound. So 3-400g more?