NK65 Milkshake Group Buy Active!

Hi Everyone,

The group buy for the nk65 milkshake is now active. If you been waiting on this. Here’s your chance. :slightly_smiling_face:



With the amount of things it comes with, it looks like such a great deal.

Hopefully there’s a NK HHKB down the line :smiley:


Extras have been available for over an hour - they must have really stocked up on extras this time around.

The folks paying $400+ on mechmarket are probably very angry right now.



tbf I’m usually pretty upset any time I’m on there anyway so that’s hardly new :joy:

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I think prices in the second hand market have stabilized (but haven’t really dropped). Last year really distorted the hobby and it will never be the same.

Everyone locked up at home watching streamers added millions of people into the hobby.

Stimulus checks meant that everyone had money to buy.

Closed Chinese factories meant that everything was scarce and the delivery of group buys slowed driving prices up.

I think the only reason that prices stopped going up is that vendors like RAMA are feeding the beast with large group buy windows and large orders, which compete with the second hand market (Hmmm do I want that U80/Thermal or this thing on Mechmarket?)

Sadly I do not think the second hand market will ever come back down. In 2019 you could get an M60 or M65-A for under $400 and the only things selling for large amounts were rare and early Korean customs. Now everything is through the roof.

It burns me up that jchan offered to sell me an M65A for $375 new in the fall of 2019 and I could not afford it due to being laid off. Had I known they would double in value in 6 months I would have just taken the hit!


supply and demand.