NK87 Entry Edition review

Hey guys,

Just posted my NK87 EE review. Let me know your thoughts. I appreciate y’all

Link: https://youtu.be/qPCSE9kbXtg


Solid review bro :call_me_hand:t3: The production quality is clean, the editing was pretty good, and the review was thorough.

Feedback-wise, here’s a couple things you can mull over:

  • I’d be ok with shorter typing segments (10 seconds per configuration?)
  • Because you’re actually providing commentary and a verdict (nice!), it’d be helpful to know what your baseline is…some way to contextualize what a :+1:t3: or :-1:t3: from you means, ye?

Feel free to disregard if off base :slightly_smiling_face:. Keep up the good work!


Bro! That’s great feedback. I will work on those things for sure. I really appreciate it, and thanks for watching :pray:


I have to agree, solid and clean - looks great. I also want to give props to the cinematography - I have a much better visual understanding of the whole thing after watching your video, and I enjoyed looking at it the whole time. The demonstrations were nice and clear; I know how to take apart that keeb now.

I’d also agree that more comparative context would probably be helpful. Keep up the good work! I make the occasional hobby video and watching yours has me inspired to up my production game. I’m editing one right now and watching this vid I kept thinking “dang my lighting does not look even close to that good lol” - That’s one more thing I like about this community though - there’s inspiration all over the place, and for me today, it’s you and this review.

Constructive camera criticism; for tripod shots focusing on a stationary subject (the keeb) I recommend de-activating the auto-focus.

PS - perfect font choice.


Wow, thank you @Deadeye. That really means a lot. Yeah getting the lighting right is key and took me a while to figure out. I am still trying to learn how to film and edit, but I’m having fun doing it in a hobby I love. I will definitely try to add more comparison context to my videos. The problem I sometimes run into is trying to keep the video shorter than they are. But either way, I will try to make sure I add something to the videos. I also usually reply to all comments, so if people have comparison questions, I answer them there. I appreciate your feedback and compliment bro! It means a lot.


A agree with that the cinematography is great, I really like the transitions to moving shots, like the jump from the switch puller to the keycap puller, subtle but it’s great.
Also you gave a pretty good overhaul of the keyboard build, and how it looks, no annoying half shots like a lot of channels do that leaves you with a feeling you missed detailes.

Speaking about the NK87EE, props for NK for their beutiful designs, I’m not a fan of those tabs.


Thank you my friend. That means a lot.

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