No more ordering from Vala supply for me

I made a fairly large order on Friday. Today, 5 days later, the same thing I ordered was reduced by 40%. I wasn’t happy, but I figured no big deal, I’ll just ask for a price adjustment. It’s quite common in retail. In fact, almost every store you shop in will have an unpublished price adjustment policy. Sometimes it’s as small as one week, but I’ve seen as long as a full month. It’s usually tied to the return period. Obviously, you could simply return the product and rebuy it, so a price adjustment just skips a step

I’ve actually gotten a price adjustment from 2 different keyboard,keycap vendors in the past year.

Unfortunately, Vala refused to refund the difference. I shouldn’t be surprised I guess, I think it’s another small man company. Perhaps someone whose never been in the retail business?

There are lots of vendors now. No reason to shop places with poor customer service. No more Vala for me.


We’ve been having a back and forth via email. They might be willing to implement some sort of price adjustment period. We shall see

Is this re: HSA Hyperfuse? i was looking at that but can’t justify it

I bought some Hyperfuse sets and a ton of KAM command kits.

Still hoping they change their stance.


I hope they provide you a credit. Especially if it is within their return window.

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I hope so too, but it’s looking like a “no” at this point.

they have a discord server

also apologies if youd already tried in there

Yes, I’ve been in contact with them via email. The problem is that the simply don’t have a procedure or policy for price adjustments. Again, most likely because they aren’t exactly veterans when it comes to retail.

I was told they cannot offer discounts from outside of the discount period b/c that would be a lot of work and a slippery slope for handing out refunds. They said they are too small of a company to handle these types of request. I tried to explain that there is no slope if you simply have a price adjustment period and you stick to that policy.

They said they would discuss and see if they could offer something. I haven’t heard back. Don’t think I will. You live and you learn. At least I’m getting the keycaps. The thing is, they didn’t even ship until today. So they could have just refunded and let me re-purchase. But now it’s too late.


bruh good to know. but also that ices out everyone who bought riiiight before the 40% sale announcement.

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This happened to me too :upside_down_face:

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dont worry theyre doing another 30% off sale… Im still waiting on my order from the last sale to ship

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