No Thoccs Allowed

Someone asked if I would provide a write-up about some of the keyboards I have been messing about with over the past month or two. So I started to draft an article and quickly realized it was going to be too large to post here.

So, I decided that I should start a new blog… So here it is: No Thoccs Allowed.

There is only one article right now (an intro article very similar to what I’ve already posted here). There will be a lot more in the future, including a series of articles about the “odd” keyboards I’ve been experimenting with, some quick hacks (I’ve already got one), and some project blog type articles.




Very nice, I wish I had the time to write up all my experiences in this hobby, but for now it’s better to read others. Good luck on this new blog, looking forward to see more posts.

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Thanks. I figure if I am working with keyboards a lot, I should actually make as much use of them as possible, so writing a new blog / website seemed like the best choice. :grin: