[NO] [WTB] : double shot DSA keycaps, international

Probably asking in vain, but it doesn’t hurt I guess.

I am looking for double hot DSA keycaps with an international set (especially norwegian/danish).

Why specifically double shot ? Dye sub can be very good too if well executed.
Here’s a double shot DSA set with intl support:

And their whole collection of DSA sets with intl support:
The dye sub variants are excellent too. (that’s Signature Plastics, if you don’t know about them or PMK)

Because I already have a huge amount of dye sub DSA caps.
To be honest, I just want to have a double shot DSA set to have one :wink:

I know the hana-set, I should have mentioned that.
And I consider buying it when the mods are available again.

I know them… I have a drawer just with their (dye sub) caps.
And I agree, their quality is excellent.

Double shot international DSA is still missing in my collection, that’s all :wink:

There are countless Chinese clones and you’ll probably find a double shot one, but honestly for DSA, SP is the way to go…
(edit) I’m waiting for a round 2 of DSA Scientific, which is double shot too. It would look fantastic on a teal keyboard which i now have.