[noob] Up and Down Keys stopped working. Switches are ok

First things first: I bought some cheap Outemu switches to try with my cheap Redradgon Kala Board. Default switches are browns. I bought some reds and blues just to test. The board is hot swappable.

My left arrow key was doing a boring scratchy noise and I decided to change it. My first atempt bent a switch pin… I just picked another one and no problem… until I tried to press the up and arrow keys. They died… no matter what switch I use (including working switches from other keys). PCB lights are still working. I even tried to just “unplug” and plug again the board on the computer. Should I be worried?

One more question… should I turn off the keyboard before changing switches?
Sorry for the entry level questions. I’m still just exploring the surface of the hobby.

If you can, try unscrew the PCB and check underneath that the hotswap sockets haven’t popped off.

Yes… This can happen and the only fix is a soldering iron.

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can you see something? the arrow keys from behind

I’ve been away over the weekend. The joints look fine so I’m a little stumped. Try grab a tiny piece of foil and wrap it around each leg of your switch, try only one layer thick, the socket leaf spring might be broken so you need a tighter fit to contact correctly.

Your alternative is likely to desolder that key and solder in a new mill max socket or permanently solder in a switch, I would assume you wouldn’t want to do that for just one.

I assumed Khalil hotswaps, as they’ve popped off on me a couple times now. These look like a mill max/otemu type so I’m not super familiar.

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Before you try that open a key tester and grab a pair of tweezers and check the inside of the socket. If that fails check the outside. If it works on the outside(underside) the socket is stuffed. If it doesn’t work on the outside its likely a broken trace and your SOL on that board.

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Outemu hot swap sockets are super tight so I doubt they’re the problem. See if pins are bent. If not, try shorting two pins briefly to see if that generates key stroke. If they do then try resoldering. If not, problem is elsewhere.

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I tried a broken clip to force key strokes. Everything works but the up and arrow keys. Its something on the plate. Two keys stopped working by changing one switch :confused:

the up and down keys stopped working after I change the LEFT ARROW… I tried a broken paper clip to force keystrokes. Everything works but the up and down keys :confused:

The pcb is the blaming part imo.

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