Norbaforce USB-C Daughterboard

USB-C Daughterboard for Norbaforce

Created a USB-C daughterboard for Norbaforce
(compatible with the different Norbaforce versions and Data Pad)

Features USB-C port, ESD protection, over voltage protection, CC1 & CC2 resistors to work with USB-C to C cables.


Design and Production files: GitHub - davek184/nfdb


Finishes on Norbaforces vary. They were designed for USB mini cables so it is possible a USB-C cable end may not fit depending a finish (I want to say this happened in 2 out of 8 cases). For those cases a very light filing of the USB opening using a hobby file can enlarge the opening just enough for the cable. To get an idea of how compatible a case is take the existing daughterboard out and see if a USB-C cable end will fit in. (It will be tight but if it fits and there is a little wiggle room your should be all set)

Thanks to @insolentpotato for driving this project which took a few different variations to get it just right. @techbeezin for testing and @Cipulot for advice and listening to a lot of back and forth.


@insolentpotato might have some R2 ones left:

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Wouaou, great work!


SWEET. now do it for the norbatouch :slight_smile:

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What you don’t like novatouch micro usb :wink:.

For Novatouch we’re getting there. Pcb shape looks good test fitting paper mockups for clearance over the last couple of days. Will put that in a separate post and repo when it is ready.


Oh yeah, Mr. Smarty Pants? I bet you don’t have something in the works for a Masterkeys S… Ha! Gotcha! I bet you can’t do that one.


Nah, I only have 2 of them, and only 1 in use currently. Not wort it, really. I have a micro USB on my desk most of the time to charge my mouse.


I’m waiting for you man. I need at least 2 haha

Add qmk support? :slight_smile:

No. You do not want to do that through a daughter board for this model. It acts funky, some people tried embedding hasu usb to usb internally (can’t remember what the funkiness was)

Cipulot has an RealForce R1 replacement pcb for amk, via, vial.

Hopefully one day r2 :crossed_fingers:

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From the README:

QMK firmware is recommended - Enter DFU mode without having access to the physical rest switch with command keycode enable. (Although, there is a known issue of this port regarding not registering the board after computer reboot.)

Not sure if anyone is working on that port/registration issue, however would be happy to see something like that if someone else takes up the reins. For now +1 to the Cipulot R1 pcb for onboard programmability.

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I just want to be able to swap capslock and control like a normal realforce board LOL


Super cool. @Dave will you be producing and selling these?

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oooo I definitely will want one with my data pad. :smiley:

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You can use the open source GItHub files to have then made or maybe @insolentpotato has some available.

(I am not planning on making or selling them.)

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As of March I have five R2 NFDB remaining. Please send PM if interested. Currently shipping to CONUS.