Nouvelle [IC]

Instead of an interest check, I went ahead and made this. Pre-orders will be limited to 100 in two weeks.

I need to log off social media though and sleep, but links are below. Instagram for more photos as I finish the final prototypes.

I’m shipping free samples to select keyboard community people - so actual typing feedback will be available from your favorite YouTube reviewers and Artisan makers.

If someone is left off the list, it’s only because I can afford to make less than a dozen samples this first run, so apologies.

I’d love to send free samples to everyone who’s worked on artisans and soldered keyboards together and designed PCBs. Maybe next year.



This is a really cool design! I love that your work has such a strong and identifiable character of its own.

Excited to try and get one when they are available. Wonder what other aspects we can customize? Maybe an option to remove the vents in certain spots? I’ll have to decided on a keyset to build this around!

I was planning on piggybacking my next design as something without vents so people could buy that one instead, but if I do it as a Kishsaver or IBM inspired wide brick, I will add dropping front, back, or both vents for a smooth all around bezel on the Nouvelle. I need to do at least one to three thin vents perhaps for a complicated to explain 3D printer thing, but I’ll CAD it up later.

I’ll also see if the vent-less Nouvelle looks right, the bezels are detailed, more detailed than anything else I’ve done, so I don’t want to ruin their flow. May depend on how fast I can do the CAD for those variations.

I see. I’m fine with the current design, especially if you plan doing another one that is more IBM-ish in style. I was thinking along the lines of a kishsaver look, but it will be classic and boring (which is exactly what I want), and not as rad and bitchin as this case (which is ALSO what I want). Plus, knowing me, I’ll just buy them both. :rofl:

This looks hella slick, I’ll def be in for one

I’m using Nouvelle to display SA SNES, if you don’t mind!