Novatouch new dome issues


Hey y’all, a while ago I put bke heavy domes in my novatouch, and I can’t get it to go back together with all the keys working. I’ve done the same thing on a few HHKBs with no issue, but I’m thinking the issue might be due to the size of the novatouch? I’ve taking it apart to and put it back together three or four times now, every time I put it back together there are a few keys that don’t work at all, and a few that need to be pushed harder than normal to actuate. I think my technique is good, I elevate the plate, and then put the domes with the springs in them onto the sliders, make sure they’re all lined up, and then set the PCB on and screw it in; that worked on the HHKBs. My other though is that it could be the domes, I haven’t looked super carefully at them for QC. The heavy domes are a lil heavy for me, so I was thinking of replacing them anyway, but if there are issues with the domes that would make me pretty sad. Has anyone had issues like this?


I’ve had some issues in the past with the errant dome or two being odd with the responsiveness. As long as all of the domes are aligned properly, one of the screws in the area may be overly tightened, so try loosening a screw or two around that area.

My current Norbatouch has BKE domes and works flawlessly, although it did take some effort to make sure the domes were properly done up and none of the screws were overly tight


Ah, maybe I’m overtightening. After I had issues the first time I’ve been making sure to tighten them all down well, I assumed that would help to keep everything in place better. When I get home tonight I’ll try loosening some of the screws up a bit and see if that makes a difference, thanks!


Yeah, I’ve had no problems using BKE Redux domes in my Novatouch. Even had to take it apart an extra time because I put the spacebar stabilizer on wrong the first time. I was really careful to make sure the domes were aligned properly.