Novelkeys Cherry Doubleshot PBT BoW and Vaporwave Keycaps Still in Stock One Hour Later

I am so excited that the $50 sets of keycaps that NK_ introduced today are still in stock.

Over one hour after they went live, they are still in stock. I am hopeful that this becomes a more regular thing for items such as this. Imagine as a new comer to the hobby, being able to snag switches, keycaps, and the NK65 Entry edition for around $170 to $190 and being on your way with your first board. What a time to be alive.



Big :thinking:vibes. I guess the price is low enough for what you’re getting, but for some reason the font isn’t vibing with me.


I actually don’t mind the font, I think it’s kinda fresh

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I’ve been saying the same since people started talking about a ‘post MOQ world’, a much better place to go would be a ‘post GB world’ where we ditch the whole GB model altogether. With the numbers that dixie, novelkeys, tkc, etc put I up I would find it surprising if they couldn’t get a loan or front the cash themselves for a run of keysets and then announce just enough in advance to build hype and then sell as in stock, which would be a much better consumer experience.


Based on the image on the product page, the font looks to be the same (compared to GMK vaporwave), just a smaller size, with less line weighting. I do prefer it, and it will be a nice change to the large center legends on the MT3 set I primarily use currently.

Amen brotha!

It can’t be done for everything, some items are still gonna be small runs etc. But, for entry level and midrange products in the hobby, this has to be the way forward. I can only imagine it would do nothing but grow their sites / business as well! NK_ seems to be ahead of the curve here (with maybe the exception of KBD Fans even if they can’t keep in stock items in stock even pre-COVID)

These appear to be Tai Hao even though Tai Hao does not generally make Cherry profile. They have the same bizarre Win key with the giant “W” as well as a Shift key with extra space before the “t” on the end. Just like the Cubic set that Novelkeys ran.

Also, the acceptable quality bar is very low on these, see the pictures Novelkeys posted for acceptable quality here:

They also ship in the same kind of cardboard sleeve as other Tai Hao PBT sets.


Oh snap! That white set is exactly what I was seeking for one of my boards - not sure how I missed it looking on their site earlier… Sweet.

Edit: Taking a look at the quality standards and actual photos, I’m a bit less excited - but I’m still picking up the set as it’s the only one available that fits the bill. GMK Bleached would be perfect, buuuuut…

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Wow! 4 days later and its still in stock, thanks for the notice as i’ve been on the look out for a budget set with a similar theme after missing the original vaporwave GB. Cheers!

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@7thAlchemist happy to help. I got mine delivered already and I’m happy with the color IRL. And the quality is spot on for the price / NK_ expectations. It’s definitely worth getting.

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Got my set in on fri, there are things that could be nitpicked about them (the extra B keys have a much fatter legend than the one with the rest of the alphas, the L on Del key doesn’t come to the bottom of De, etc.), but overall I think Mike nailed it with the quality to price here. The keys are nice & thick, the texture is on them is very nice, all the stabilized keys are dead straight, no twisted stems, no bad flashing. If Mike cleans up the few issues present in these sets & adds the keys for proper split BS support, then I’d be down for more of these sets in the future TBH!