Novelkeys Cream Clickie Switch Review

Hey all,

So long as Novelkeys keeps pumping out new and interesting takes on Cream switches, I’m going to continue writing about them. These new Cream Clickie switches, though, are something entirely new and that I promise you’ve never seen before. These are definitely some clicky switches you’re going to want to see…

Article: Novelkeys Cream Clickie Switch Review — ThereminGoat's Switches
Scorecard Repository: GitHub - ThereminGoat/switch-scores: PDF Repository of switch score sheets.
Force Curve Repository: GitHub - ThereminGoat/force-curves: PDF and Data Repository of switch force curves.

As always, thank you all for the love and support. If you don’t end up catching the very beginning of this review, I do want to note that there will not be a February 26th review since I will be midway through a move back to Ohio. Normal content should resume shortly thereafter though with plenty of new projects in the works!