Novelkeys Cream lube test

I tested a few lubes I had on hand, from left to right:
Krytox GPL 207 NLGI grade 2
205g0 from
Finish Line Extreme Fluoro
Super Lube Multi-Purpose Grease grade 00
Microlubrol PTFE powder

The PTFE powder easily worked the best in these switches. I purchased mine here:


Hey @Walkerstop, how do you feel about Finish Line Extreme Fluoro lube for switches other than the Creams? I am in Canada and other lubes (Krytox, Tribosys, etc.) seem to be a little harder to get my hands on without paying a lot for shipping.

Having never worked with a dry lubricant… how did you apply it?

The Finish Line wasn’t great when I tried it in other switches, it seemed better than Super Lube but worse than Krytox, Tribosys, etc. If Taobao works for you, there are lubes on there that work pretty well but they are very thick

I’m in Canada as well and share the pain of high shipping costs for a lot of these lubes. One of the guys on the Canadian Mechanical Keyboards discord organized a small GB for a few of us in Ottawa to get some lube from switchmod up here. Doing it that way made shipping costs a lot more reasonable, so that’s something I’d definitely recommend to you. Depending on where you are, I bet you could find a few other interested people through the discord.

When are these cream switches going on sale?

Is it just white powder? How you you apply it?
Because i have bought ptfe powder of ebay and just got a white ziplock bag with white powder. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
and sniffing it didn’t make me feel smoother.

Yep it’s white powder. I used a dry brush to apply it kinda like a woman powdering her face.

Have you gone back and tried the dry powder on other switches since this? Is it possible that dry powder is the best solution for all switches but we just never tried it?

I haven’t yet, I had that thought but didn’t get around to it yet. I think the main reason I wasn’t super anxious to try it on other switches is that other lubes such as 205g0 already create a very smooth-feeling switch, which to me was not the case with Creams, so I felt like there was more of a NEED to try things.

I definitely will try it though, most likely on some Greetech blacks first