Novelkeys Cream (powder lubed) in Fanoe typing test

Switches are Novekeys Cream with Sprit progressive v1.2 72g springs, lubed with PTFE powder on the housings, stems, and tops. The springs and leaf were lubed with regular grease. The keyboard is a Fanoe, a copy of the famous Canoe keyboard.


Nice, I really like the sound these give off with the way you lubed them! BTW, could you put a link up to the PTFE powder you used when you get a chance please? I know you linked it in another one of your threads on creams, but I can’t find it for some reason. I need to grab some for a few batches of ALPS switches I got.

This is what I used

But this might be better, I haven’t tried it yet:

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Thanks! :+1:

We definitely need more info on how well the board retains that lubricant - how did you apply it to switches and would you recommend using it on switches without the POM housing? If it can retain tactility well enough, it might be a more interesting thing to use for whatever we’re collectively shoving the Halo stems in this week! And if it doesn’t get sluggish, being able to dip-lube linear stems is a very very tempting opportunity if possible…

Dis wut i did


Thank you for sharing your video. I’m all for folks doing whatever suits them best, but boy there’s a few things I would have concerns about before doing this myself.

  • That’s a lot of powder you’re putting directly into the bottom of the housing. Concerns there about consistency and worried about the powder interfering with the moving parts of the leaf.
  • Lubing the stems: I’ve seen folks do this approach of putting it in a bag or container and shaking… again worried about consistency and potentially breaking the stem (especially the nubs).

I hear ya… However, having done it many times, i would say you won’t damage the stems. Just try to damage them, in fact… Good luck :slight_smile:
Maybe if you used a glass jar? I don’t know. I shake them as hard as i can and I’ve never damaged one.

You’d have to be shaking it in a bag full of knives to damage the stems. Just put them in a regular plastic bag, gently shake, and it should be good.

Any news on how this lubricant works for non-POM housings?

Tbh i haven’t tried it on them yet, but i just got some new finer powder to try and I’ll give it a shot as soon as i get a chance.

Personally it doesn’t seem worth it to me in most other switches because those already feel smooth to me when i use fluorine greases. The whole reason I’m trying this in these specific switches is that the fluorine grease I’d prefer to use didn’t seem to work as well in these specific switches.

So like, best case scenario with Cherry housing for example, it works and they feel smooth, well they already felt smooth with fluorine grease and i prefer how the grease sounds…