Novelkeys Cream: Prototype vs. Production Sound


Another sound comparison with my other current favorite linears:


Thanks for the comparisons! The creams sound very similar to each & have a nice thock to them. Sounds like Mike only made some small changes between prototype & production creams, well other than whatever he did to eliminate the leathery dragging sound one the early prototypes could produce. Although I really think you’re on to something with the burgundy stem in the YOK housings, those easily sounded the best to me.

Yeah burgundy YOK are super loud and hollow-sounding. I need to figure out what keyboard to put them in. I haven’t decided yet. I want to put them in something where they can really shine!

Anyway back to the creams. I have to tell you guys, the dragging sensation is still there. Typical lubes like 3204 and 205g0 just don’t eliminate it. What does completely eliminate it is PTFE powder. I am going to build a keyboard with these switches lubed with PTFE powder and see if the lubricating effect lasts. It feels so smooth initially, just need to see if it stays that way!

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What I would really like to see is them in a big polycarbonate, acrylic, or plastic case for a lot of THOCK.

@Lesbian are you talking about yok or creams? Because I’m gonna build a POM plastic keyboard with the creams!

I was talking about the YOKs - the all-POM board is going to be a very interesting sound!

I’m almost tempted to put the yoks in the pom keyboard but… All pom… I can’t resist sticking with the theme! The keycaps will be pom too

Is there going to be a POM plate too? Where does this madness stop?

Yep, the case and plate are pom. It’s all made of layers of 3mm laser cut POM

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Your dedication to keyboard science is nothing short of admirable.

But also, what the hell is wrong with you?