Novelkeys Cream+ Switch Review

Hey all,

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off a new year than with an entirely too long review. This week, I take a look at the innovative Novelkeys Cream+ switches and their modular insert design. Definitely is not one you want to miss out on…

Article: Novelkeys Cream+ Switch Review — ThereminGoat's Switches
Scorecard Repository: GitHub - ThereminGoat/switch-scores: PDF Repository of switch score sheets.
Force Curve Repository: GitHub - ThereminGoat/force-curves: PDF and Data Repository of switch force curves.

Thank you all for the continued support throughout the ups and downs of 2022. I can only that 2023 will end up an even better year for switches and switch reviews!



Thanks. Enjoyed the review.

0.5+mm reduction out of 4mm is not “pretty small” to me. And I can’t trim the pole consistently without a jig and there is the risk of pole deforming while being cut. Too bad.


Same here, was pretty interested in these switches till I saw how much travel the inserts removed. Although I think me & you are in the minority with not liking long pole stems or any reduced travel switches.


I wouldn’t say it’s a minority as I know a few people as well who don’t really like shortened travel. However, just because of all the long poles coming to the market now, I think most diving into the hobby will find themselves liking long poles. What I would say is worse are the folks on KFA marketplace and such buying into the hype and making poor newbies who don’t know anything pay 150+ for Zakus and Epsilons. Luckily that hype seems to be mostly gone now.


An interesting review with plenty to chew on as always, master Goat. These seemingly came out of nowhere, and I’m legitimately excited about them. Really glad to see innovation still going in the MX space.


Oof. Speaking of Zakus…


There are dozens of us!