Novelkeys Cream Switches Force Curve Graph

So who’s ready for a force curve graph?

Testing Notes:

  • Measurements taken from 0mm to 3.8mm; some minor calibration issues can occur when going to the full bottom out. I will try recalibrating to take the graph a bit further in the near future.

  • This is 5 cycles (five presses and five releases) overlaid one on top of the other. Only one switch tested though. Have not tested multiple switches to test consistency yet.

  • This is the raw data without any curve smoothing

  • No lube

Personal Notes:

  • These are the new samples, not the original samples that @Quakemz, @TaehaTypes, and myself received.

  • The ‘leathery’ feel is gone. Imperceptible on fast or slow presses.

  • A more ‘refined’ feel than the original ones

  • These are unique switches and based off the original samples that I have (which are now in my X60), they take really well to being lubed and I’d highly recommend it. I can upload a force curve graph with a lubed switch this weekend.

What do you all think?

Not sure what you’re looking at? Check out Haata’s amazing guide on reading force curve graphs.

What switch should I do next?


overlay tealios with a diff color please and thank you.


Nice! Seems like you’re making pretty good progress in getting the measurement process down.
It’s hard to tell how much of the noise on the curves is friction - I think displaying the raw data might be a little misleading in that sense.

You’re using a Brookfield CT3 texture analyzer for these, right? Does it have a 100g load cell?

Maybe you could try to tape a loose spring to the cell or fix one to the plate, to see how a compression looks without the switch parts.

What do you mean by “more refined”?

Yup the CT3! But unfortunately I have the big boi 4500g cell and not the finer 100g one :frowning: I have to make do with what I have.

I think you have a pretty good point here. I always feel like the raw data should be represented, but I think adding a ‘smoothed’ curve would also help give a visual indicator to people.

I definitely will try this out! Great idea.

Surprisingly, feels ever so slightly less scratchy? Mostly the removal of the leathery feeling makes it feel better. I’m pretty happy with these switches, and I think they’re some of the best to lube. In their stock form I think they hold up well to a lot of the competition, but in no way absolutely ‘blows them out of the water’.

that makes sense, thanks!

Ah, it would make sense for the 4500 not to have quite enough sensitivity to resolve the finest details of switch travel - the manufacturer quotes the resolution at 0.5 g. That doesn’t necessarily mean that any precision beyond that scale is meaningless, but it’s better to be careful about how you present the data until you have a good idea of what’s what.

Then again, I’m probably taking the science aspect of this a bit too seriously (I’ve actually used a similar system for food measurement in an academic context, FWIW). Not like you’re publishing the data or anything - it’s good just to have someone making the effort to provide this sort of information in a way that’s open and community minded (Haata’s great and all, but kind of inscrutable/secretive).


You definitely have a very positive insight which I appreciate :slight_smile:

Nice! So bottoming out at a hair over 70gf & leathery feeling gone. Hmmm, now I need to decide between grabbing a batch of these or V2 Zealios. Preferably both, LOL, but I gotta get some side jobs kicking & my cash back up before I can say that for sure… :thinking:

If there’s a Canadian who wants to toss one of these in an envelope for me to try I’ll pay the postage, they look so soft so I’d love if they were a high grade linear.

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Hey there, good old Hineybush brought a bunch of Creams to the Cleveland OH meetup. I’m playing with one now. Off-center presses kind of “squeaks”. Hard to describe, but it’s NOT scratchy. POM is not in my wheelhouse of experience. I’d bet a bucket that a decent lube job would make these things a benchmark linear.

And, also, I’m a complete anti-linear bigot. These are going to be hot. Nice work.


Next switch: outemu sky ?

Just as a heads up, Hiney’s switches are an old variant.


Lubed vs unlubed force graphs :thinking: that sounds interesting to me.


Is there a tentative date that creams will be available?

Yes actually, they’re up on Novelkeys’ website now. Worth going into the GB for since they’re $0.55/switch instead of $0.65/switch.


What are people recommending to use on these. 3203 or 3204?

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Novelkeys Cream Switch and Gateron Yellow Switch

What next? :thinking:

Gat black and NK Cream since it’s the same spring weight?