Novelkeys Cream switches with ultrafine PTFE powder and 62g Gateron springs

I revisited these switches:

I think this powder is better than the first stuff I used, the switches feel smoother.

I think the sound is a bit unusual though! It’s kind of muffled. Kind of somewhere between normal linears and silent liners in loudness. They feel a lot better to type on now!


Just curious but why use PTFE powder instead of lubes like Tribosys 3204? Thanks for sharing!

This is pretty interesting! Did you happen to record a video or tutorial of the way you applied this powder? I’m willing to get some to try on a switch tester.

I did a video, but i don’t think I’d do it this way again:

I think next time I’d just use a makeup powder brush to apply a little powder to the bottom and top housings and with the stems, either shake them in powder and then sift them out (what i did) or else apply with a makeup brush to each stem

Thanks! I was thinking about doing the same with a makeup brush.

Oh man even with a brush, the powder is pretty messy to work with! If i do another batch I’ll probably get a bigger sized plastic tub and do all the work in the tub, or use a tablecloth or something.

It’s interesting though, looking at the parts under a microscope, it looks like the PTFE powder sort of gets ground into the surface of the parts that rub against each other, and ends up forming a layer/coating of PTFE that so far is staying put.

I want to try this with Cherry housings too, I’m curious if the same effect will work there too and if it does, it’ll be easier to see and photograph against the black material.


What I’d really like to see is this in Cherry housings!

Most specifically, how it plays with Cherry silent and Kailh Burgundy stems.

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Yeah this video sold me on the finer powder. Those creams sound amazing! I’m glad I waited to grab any of this stuff as I almost got a batch of the less fine powder, but held off cause I had a few unexpected expenses with my car. I was originally just planning on using this stuff for ALPS switches, but after reading through this post, especially Walkerstop’s last one I’m really curious to try this on some different MX switches as well. Great content as usual @Walkerstop, thanks for doing the leg work with this product! :metal:

I skimmed through your awesome vid but must have missed it; did you do anything with the springs?
Could you give us the steps you used for best results? Really interested in trying this. I may give this a try in the retooled Blacks I have coming, instead of the usual 3204.

I lubed the springs with dielectric grease spray

But I’m gonna try some new stuff and compare, some paraffinic chain oil, similar to what Tx is using

How’s it sound/feel a week or so afterwards? When you went back and relubed the stems, you only hit the sliders right? And you didn’t end up with a bunch of PTFE just falling out of the switches?

So far still feels smooth, there was a little excess PTFE powder loose though

Did the excess powder just drop into the board? I’m super interested in trying this, just curious about how it holds up over time, and don’t want PTFE all over the place AFTER I lube too lmao