Novelkeys cream switches

Were the cream switches revised to get rid of the friction from the POM on POM contact?


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If you’re talking about how if you push down at an angle, it kind of ‘studders’ instead of going down smoothly, then no, that has not been fixed. I’ve got a set of creams in my singa that I lubed with 205g0 and I can easily reproduce that. During normal typing, it’s a complete non-issue though.

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As a person who loves 205g0 and has V2 Creams, is the lube still holding up well?

So far so good! I’ve been using them for a couple months now and they’re still quite smooth. I’ve got several linear boards and the creams are probably my favorite. I’m not sure if I’d say they’re the smoothest, but I love the sound they make :slight_smile:

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Yeah the creams are definitively in my next keyboard build!

Oof, that’s very promising. Thanks for letting me know! I had heard previous concerns about the lube staying on the switch properly due to the apparent self-lubricating nature of the POM housing.