Novelkeys Ink yellow typing test

First impressions:

Very little top wobble compared to most switches, may or may not benefit from films, I am guessing not, but I will test it later.

They feel smooth for on-center presses, but for off-center presses they almost feel like they are going to catch or bind right at the beginning of the keypress. I haven’t really noticed it while typing, but it’s there. Lube solved this problem for me and with lube the switch feels to me on par with something like a Tealio. I think the sticking sensation has to do with the material, not surface roughness, because after lube I don’t feel it.

I think they sound pretty good but that’s personal preference and you can get some idea from the recording. I bet they will sound really nice after lube. To sound this good without lube I thihk is a very good sign.

The springs are fairly noisy but it goes away if you lube the springs, so no worry for me. They are anyway not the noisiest springs I have encountered, just medium-loud. No crunch that I can detect, only pinging.

The reduced travel is quite noticeable, either you like it or not. I like it.

I wonder if any issues will come later down the road though due to the dustproof part of the stem being so exposed, if the lube that transfers to it will collect dust over time. What I mean is, on these switches there is a rectangular extension of the stem that sticks up outside of the switch when the switch is at top-out position. The plastic of this “dustproof” jacket of the stem rubs against the rails of the switch top. In order to eliminate the binding sensation at the start of keypress, I needed to have lube on the rails of the inner switch top opening. Some of that lube transfers to the stem, even if you only lubed the switch top. That lube will be exposed outside of the switch when the keyboard sits, and I wonder if it would collect dust over time.


Thanks for the review. Mine should get here in a week. I like 3.4mm switches but I hate cherry speed silvers, so we’ll see. I usually just tub lube the stems. Didn’t think about the design not being good for that. Hmmm

I know what you mean about the catch. I fee that on tealios as well