Novelkeys/Massdrop? Star Wars Collaboration

So I’m a Star Wars fan and was instantly excited hearing that Novelkeys is working with Disney on a project. I thought it would be fun to speculate on what it will be i.e. what type of product. My money is on a mouse pad, but I guess that is funny to say because my money will be on whatever they produce.

… fingers crossed for a switch that sounds like Darth Vader. That’s doable, right?


Are we even sure it’s a Star Wars project? Minnie Mouse is underrepresented in the keyboard community.

Wild speculation: something Marvel

edit: GMK Wakanda, a Black Panther themed keycap set

Oooh, Deadpool themed caps would be nice. Black on Red alphas with Red on Black mods. I just pray for a plush unicorn novelty. Of course, we’ll need some big rubber masturbating shoes. That one is a must

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What i saw suggested “Star Wars” but we will see I guess. I’m still not used to Disney owning everything.

The post specifically said Star Wars so yes, it’s Star Wars!

I reject your reality and substitute my own

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Minnie gets the shaft, again.

Keyset with new novelkeys profile + deskmat

KMK Labs

Did someone say “Star Wars”? :smile: This is a very interesting development, because things like keycaps are still pretty niche products. I would theoretically be interested, although I’m afraid it’s going to be hopelessly generic like so much of the licensed stuff is, and I suppose there’s little hope of it being reasonably priced. Still, excited to see what it will be!

Inb4 Beauty and the Beast.

Also, inb4 I’m not disappointed.

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Fingers crossed for a series of artisans - Vader, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren and Stormtrooper helmets.

since the tags on the instagram photo are:
#disney #starwars #novelkeys #massdrop #keyboards #mechanicalkeyboards #keycaps

I’m going to assume it’s either the Massdrop “CTRL” or “ALT” keyboard with a Star Wars tie in

Maybe just a rerun of GMK Stormtrooper with a new white or black finish offered on the keyboard. But hopefully something completely new and cool. If it is SA Rebel, I might poop my pants in excitement.


An SA set would be nice. Biggest concern is them making a product for the masses and not the keyboard community.

Also really hope it’s not the Ctrl or alt boards from massdrop. But, beggers can’t be choosers I suppose.

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I agree, I really hope this collaboration is not tied to a specific keyboard. I think a keycap set would be the best way to go with this, then have an option to add it to a keyboard buy. Like MD has been doing with recent GMK kits & the CTRL, ALT, & Tokyo 60.

I’m really curious as well. :wink:


There’s gotta be someone around here that has heard something…