NovelKeys NK65 (Entry Edition and v2 Aluminum) review

Although there are plenty of great YouTube videos and forum threads about the NK65, I wanted to put together a comprehensive written review covering both the NK65 Entry Edition and the NK65 v2 Aluminum.

In drafting this, I set out not only to help those looking to pick up their first custom mechanical keyboard, but also to extrapolate some qualities sought after in higher-end keyboards from the NK65’s feature set as well.

My ruminations concluded in the form of a 4,800 word piece with numerous original photos, so please feel free to take a look and to let me know if it is helpful at all!


Excellent writeup! I’m glad that you mentioned your concern about the Entry Edition’s plastic posts - after taking apart the board two or three times, one of the posts on mine cracked without having been overtightened. I still love the sound (and price of course) of the board, but I do think people who buy this expecting to constantly open it up and tinker with it should be forewarned! An Entry Edition v2 with metal screw inserts would be amazing!


Thanks for the kind words! I wanted to make sure I was fair to the keyboard given its price point and context in the scene, but I also didn’t want to blindly hype it up without addressing some of its inherent drawbacks. All things considered, I’m looking forward to creating more content on where the custom landscape is heading this year!