NovelKeys saves the day, Noxary and PK scam updates, Vendor Ranking System incoming


Hey Taeha, do you think you can talk about MKUltra and how even though he discounted a bunch of items from his store back in April/May there hasn’t been any movement of orders from his store? There is a ton of people in his discord who joined the GMK Nord groupbuy since he was the US vendor and even though he has the sets (and marked them down to about 67 dollars) almost nothing has shipped. He’s currently holding onto my 300 dollars since I also picked up some other sets he was selling however, I know there are people out a lot more than I am. This was the last contact I had with him and it was a month after my order


Project Keyboard is another one. Their website is still live, but they are completely unresponsive. I’ll probably never receive my GMK Sumi set from them.