NovelKeys Silk/Dry Series

Thanks, that sounds incredible. A slightly lighter Gateron Yellow is something I could use.

I thought I was crazy, but it seemed to me that I liked stock Alpaca lube better than alternatives. Sure, the switch could use filming and other measures for noise, but stock Alpacas were among the best linears I ever tested.

I’m thinking now that all I might do is just put lubed 60g slow springs / 65 G TX in factory Alpacas, that might be it. Filming would be nice, but I have no experience with that.

60gs slows actually feel really similar in overall force to 65g, both of those sound good. The only downside to the slows is that you feel the spring more than you do with normal springs, which cuts down on the gliding feeling of JWKs a little.
And I’m a fan of films on JWK stuff, it’s a really minor reduction in wobble but it makes them sound bassier and more “solid”. If you like how Alpalcas/Silks sound stock it’s not necessary though, they probably make more of a difference on those smokey housings that get deformed when you open them.

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Very interesting. I don’t want to cut down on the gliding feel, so I might skip slows. Still might test them, though.

Yeah, I might just film and spring-swap factory switches, leaving the factory lube on!

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