Novelkeys stocking BSUN and Greetech

Any opinions on BSUN and Greetech? I tried some greetech blacks and they were decent. Tried some Greetech browns and they felt awful. Less tactile than gateron browns and super wobbly and cheap feeling. I haven’t ever tried BSUN.

Is there some secret sauce to these switches I don’t know about?

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Bsun browns are the best mx brown switches I’ve tried… take that as you will :joy:

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BSUN is a nice mod switch housing that is very similar to Panda housing but with weaker contact leaf. I enjoyed Clear-minded BSUN a lot before Holy Panda came along.

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Are clear-minded BSUN’s with a cherry clear or halo clear stem?

Cherry clear. Halo stems always come with the “Holy” descriptor.