Novelkeys X Tai-Hao Cubic BOW

To outfit a Tsangan board it literally would cost $35 in compatibility caps. It’s better with the base compat.

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6U for Cubic is not available AFAIK. The fact that BoW kit comes with enough extras to cover Tsangan makes it unique among Cubic keysets.

In the link I provided, the taihao shop, a 6u cubic spacebar can be bought separately

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shocked - thx for the tip. I guess Tai-Hao is getting some clues.

Also glad they are adding more keys. hope they add more keys to the base sets, to get one that is compatible with a FC660c or FC980c from one place

I can’t believe they make a Cubic big ass enter kit for this!

Kit 7G.

There has to be like zero demand for this. They would be better off making a 40% or ortho compatibility kit.

pretty cool. I’d like to see one in action. There are a couple of ways to make a BAE if I remember right (when there was an IC for a GMK version, it was revealed that different manufacturers put the stems in different spots). I’d be curious to see if it actually fits on an old board.

I think they still sell/manufacture BAE keycaps because they OEM for some keyboards that have BAE

What didn’t you like about Jukebox Cubic? I bought it but in all honesty never opened the box.

I think they make that key for the Steel Series 6GV2 keyboard.

Compared to the quality and feel of stuff like GMK, SP, Maxkeys, or even JTK it was just disappointing, especially when like I said I needed $100 of kits for compatibility. This set obvs fixes the price issue but you’re getting exactly what you pay for still with the Cubic profile.

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This is just Tai-Hao, but better, not GMK, but cheaper.

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definitely makes sense

“Win”, “Menu” and “Fn” seem to be a different font and larger in size. Weird.

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I received my Tai Hao Cubic BoW. It is a very interesting set.

It looks like Tai Hao has new molds for Alphas. All prior Cubic sets that I have seen had heavy/bold Alphas.

They appear to have finer Alphas now.

See the comparison of Tai Hao BoW to Tai Hao Concrete below:

Manofinterests pointed out in his latest video some other inconsistencies, but I wonder if some of them don’t have to do with mixing two different sets of molds.

Also now I cannot unsee the slightly off kerning of the “t” at the end of Shift.

Still a bargain for $40, but I think the earlier Cubic Concrete looks more consistent and the modifiers actually work better with the bolded Alphas.

Hi, would it be possible for you to post a picture of the full set? I would really appreciate it. I’m really intrested in it!

I do not have the patience to lay out the entire set :slight_smile:

Here are some more pictures that will hopefully be helpful. Overall I find them very sharp, but I question some of the decisions Novelkeys made on choosing which molds to use (like the fat/bold Numpad which does not match the Alphas).

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Dang, the numpad legends are actually centred. Looks like the modifier font sizes are not consistent either. Was really hoping that the set would be much cleaner. Either way, I guess this isn’t unexpected considering the low price tag compared to more premium sets.

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If it wasn’t for the Win/Menu and those godAWFUL centered numpad legends, I’d be picking up a set. Shame. I hope they fix it up for WoB and future runs.

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I ordered one, I’ll never use the numpad… I dunno why they even bothered to include it, since part of the appeal is the low price point it seems like they could have saved a few bucks and not included it.

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