Nuphy Air 96 Thoughts?

Nuphy has released 96% version for preorder. I am really tempted to buy. They seem to have one of the best low profile keyboards and they offer 6 different low profile switches out of the box. I am curious where is the catch. I wish they would use QMK . Not sure what to think about their new switches.

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It looks good to me. I’ve never used Nuphy, so I can’t comment on quality, but the specifications check out as long as you’re ok with low profile switches.

Their keymap software seems in beta and seems to be Windows only? Might be worth hopping into their discord and asking for more details.

Unless there are recent changes, QMK hasn’t been great at bluetooth, so the proprietary software is probably better anyway if you planned to use this wirelessly.

Honestly, that seems pretty nifty. I’m pretty deep into custom mapping for regular usage, so their method would have to be pretty decent to completely pull me over.

I have a different NuPhy board (Halo65) and I’ve got no complaints - not much in the way of enthusiast features, but as pre-built tray-mounts go it’s definitely on the higher end, and the three connection modes are convenient and reliable.

On that note if you’re interested in the company’s vaguely mac-inspired style but don’t want low-profile, check out their Halo series. They look more at-home with previous eras of Apple aesthetics, but they’re nice, straightfoward, mac-friendly boards. The stock doubleshot OEM caps are excellent - top shelf, as stock caps go. (The optional shine-through ones are garbaggio, tho - they’re painted - about as trash-tier as you can get.)

I love that the new low-pro caps are doubleshot - not the biggest fan of the stock colorway but they’ve been adding aftermarket options. Personally I think the Air series boards would look great with some neutral greys. I’m also glad to see more variety popping up in the low-pro space; I’d love to see more development there.