One Golden Ticket Has Been Found! ~ LaserBoost


One Golden Ticket Found! This night a lucky person open his LaserBoost order and found this little golden buddy!

Location: Japan

Prizewinning: /u/LurkerMcNoPost

Have a nice weekend and good luck to find the other ones!


My plate gets here soon. I hope I’m next! This is fun, guys. Good idea.


my plate shipped on Nov 27th but still isn’t here and hasn’t been updated since the 29th. How long does int. shipping to US normally take? Anyone know?


Hello pixelpusher, the tracking don’t show any update because this packaging is exchanging between shipping agencies. For sure you package will arrive soon. We are notified of every shipping troubles, and there is no alert about yours. Thanks!


Thanks for the reply. Can’t wait to see that beautiful copper.