Onion Switch Review

Hey Y’all,

Got a review up for the WS Onion Switch. I was really impressed with these. Super underrated!!

Link: Best Linear Switch of 2022? | WS Onion Switch Review - YouTube


Been curious about these! Thanks for doing the review.

I like that review, editing is really well done, you forgot to mention pricing though, they’re pretty expensive.

The switches does look good, quality wise and sound wise, they also added the small plastic where the LED goes to minimize deformation of the housing when taking out switches, like Akko did with theirs.

But I’m not sure about the boxed design yet, surely manufacturers would know better than me but I can’t look at it and not think it will attract more dust given it’s bigger surface area, especially with factory lube/after manufally lubing.

BTW unrelated question, I’ve seen you have the Gateron Cap Yellows, do you find them to leak oil? especially in that container thrown like that.

Hey there!

Thanks for watching, I actually do mention price towards the beginning. But maybe I should have mentioned it again at the end. I appreciate the feedback. As far as the cap v2, I haven’t found any issues with oil leak.