Opening Halo, BOX, and other latch-style switches made easy


damn, you scare me with that box cutter. I use these:

Spudger would work too, but honestly, these tweezers get used for just about everything I do that is keyboard related. Just an all around awesome tool to have in your kit. The tips are very strong and thin enough to slide right under those Kailh side latches. I do mine like you, one side at a time. Just opened up 120 halos to go in my Yok switches.

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It’s not very sharp. You can use an old dull one if it makes you feel safer. Here’s me doing about 70 switches in a little under 10 minutes. No switches or fingers were harmed:

Next time I’ll use the Switchcracker and see if it goes faster or slower.

I 2nd the utility knife blade method, that is what I have also found to work best & have personally used for Kaihl type switches. Sure you can easily cut yourself with it, but I’d say the same about a small flat head screwdriver or tweezers. In fact to me you are more likely to cut yourself with those two since they are both much wider than a razor blade & will require more force to get under the latches.

A sufficiently small flathead screwdriver slides under the latches very easily.

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I’m using a dull X-Acto blade to open 110 Halo clears right now. It works well and I haven’t damaged a latch so far.


I wasn’t saying a small flathead wouldn’t work, I was just saying even a sufficiently small one would still be thicker than a razor blade.